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From a belly crawl to standing tall

People outside Dallas Animal Services probably wondered "what is that large white thing crawling on the ground?" That was Landon... a 70 lb Lab/ Great Pyrnees mix who was very skinny and so scared he could not even stand up to walk. He was not going to pass for adoptions since most adopters want a dog who will actually walk out of the kennel. Come to think of it most adopted shelter dogs are pulling their new owner out the door with immeasurable excitement and joy.... but not Landon. Road Trip 4 Paws saw something in Landon that no one else had and decided to give him a chance. Fast forward 24 hours and Landon is loving life in his new foster home. The hardest part of life for him now was deciding which bed to sleep on... his new humans or the fluffy one on the floor next to it? After only a few days in foster care Landon was 100% crate trained, house trained, great with other animals, and he had a confidence he never had before. At the last minute before our transport on Sept. 2nd our Colorado rescue contact Ashley said "ok we can take Landon!" We did not even have room in the van for him because we already had 35 dogs and 29 cats but we squeezed him in. Landon would just have to be our "Co-pilot" and sit up front between the van seats. He did an excellent job and was rewarded for his efforts by finding a forever home less than 24 hours after his arrival. It was love at first sight for Landon and his new family. They knew right away he was "the one" and we can't think of another dog more deserving of a happy life than Landon!

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