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Fostering is a joy!

Foster homes are the key to our rescue. The only way we are able to save more dogs and cats is by
having a foster available for them. Foster homes are given a crate/puppy pen, food, and all medical
care is covered by RT4P at one of our partner vets. Fosters are responsible for providing love, daily
exercise, and time helping them become the best possible pet for a forever home. Fostering is a fun
way to give back to your community and to animals who deserve a second chance. It is also something
fun for the entire family so do not delay signing up for your new foster family member. 

Expectations of a Foster Family

  • Provide a safe, loving home for the pet

  • Help train dogs and puppies on basic commands, housebreaking, and crate training

  • Exercise and socialize the pet

  • Participate in adoption events on Saturday afternoons, as often as possible

  • Create and periodically update a bio describing the pet’s personality

  • Email updated foster pictures and videos for us to post on adoption sites

  • Participate in the adoption process (meet & greets and adoption events)

  • Take the foster pet to vet appointments for vaccinations and other medical treatments

  • If the foster pet shows any sign of illness, the foster family should notify Road Trip 4 Paws immediately.  We will arrange for the pet to be brought to our veterinarian for treatment.

  • Do not let the dog run loose or be left outside unattended

  • Notify Road Trip 4 Paws of any medical or behavioral problems

  • Assist with publicizing your foster through your social media networks

  • Foster families should plan on caring for the dog long-term, as there’s no guarantee how long it might take for him or her to be adopted. Some pets are adopted quickly, while others might take months.


Timeline for Adoption

Step 1: Foster pets are taken home to be cared for by a foster family

Step 2: Foster pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and given any necessary medical treatment prior to adoption.  Note: Puppies and kittens too young to be spayed/neutered will be taken in for surgery by the adoptive family. 

Step 3: After a period of 1-2 weeks, or when at least 10 weeks old and after receiving at least 2 vaccinations, foster pets are posted for adoption on pet adoption sites and promoted on our website. 

Step 4:  Road Trip 4 Paws will notify the foster family when the foster pet receives an approved adoption application.  We will then arrange a meet and greet with the pet and the potential adopter. 


To apply to be a foster, please click here to fill out our Foster Application.

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