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52 cats went to Colorado but only 51 stayed

The first Road Trip 4 Paws to Colorado was filled with 52 kitties… YES 52 cats!

We took momma kitties with babies as well as lots and lots of playful kittens of all sizes and colors. There was one litter in particular from a local shelter that was very skinny and unhealthy but we hoped with some foster home TLC they would be ok. There were 6 kittens but unfortunately only 4 of them survived. The 2 black and 2 tabby kittens quickly started gaining strength and “turned the corner” letting us know they were going to make it. Transport day quickly approached and the kittens were finally ready to make the journey. Their foster mom couldn’t believe the difference a few short weeks had made. She had become extremely attached to these kittens while nursing them back to health but she was excited to see what the future held for them.

After a lengthy 13 hour drive they had finally arrived at their destination at Fort Collins Cat Rescue. The kitties were all unloaded and checked in when the kittens' foster mom started having second thoughts about letting one particular little skinny black kitten go. Fifty-two cats went to Colorado but only fifty-one stayed because “Rookie” was meant to be a permanent resident in his foster home. He thoroughly enjoyed his ride back to Texas and experiencing his first night staying in a hotel. He was such a trooper riding in his foster mom’s lap all the way back “home.”

Fast forward one year and Rookie is no longer that short haired skinny boy he once was. He is proof that kittens under adoption age brought into a shelter CAN be rescued and have a wonderful healthy life. We know every kitten cannot be as lucky as Rookie but he is a big part of the reason we do what we do. With the help of volunteers willing to provide a safe place for underage kittens and puppies like Rookie once was we can save so many more.

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